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Our Mission
We believe that every athlete is a valuable member of our program, and we will do our best as coaches to help foster each child’s individual skill development in the support of cheerleading. It is our mission to prepare our teams and athletes to perform to their peak level of ability, ensuring them success on the competition floor. Spirit Factory All Stars Cheerleading has developed a highly respected reputation in the all star cheerleading industry and we intend to not only maintain, but to enhance that reputation with each new season. While it is our intent to train our cheerleaders to become outstanding athletes, we also believe that our athletes will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and learn valuable lessons in team dynamics. They are taught sportsmanship, goal setting and pride. They learn that with hard work, dedication and determination they can accomplish any task. We believe that becoming a member of the Spirit Factory All Stars program rewards not only our athletes, but also enables families to witness the personal growth of their children through athletics. Many of our athletes spend countless hours in the gym working on and perfecting their cheerleading and gymnastic skills. Our coaching staff is privileged to have the opportunity not only to coach these children, but also to develop personal relationships with them and their families. We are thankful that you have given us this opportunity because we truly believe our athletes and parents are “FAMILY.”